1833 T-I Alignments

I hope this will help people sort through the 16 marriages for 1833 (including the crushed lettered edge marriage). Click the image to pop up the attribution page.

Obverse                                                      Reverse

Stand of I Left of Stand of T
1833, i left of stand of t, capped bust, half dollar
Left Side of T in Line with Right Side of I
1831 left side of t in line with right side of i capped bust half dollar
I Centered Under Left Side of T           
1831 i centered under the left side of t capped bust half dollar
Left Sides T-I in Line      
1831 left sides of t and i in line
Right Side of I Centered Under T
1831 right side of i centered under t
I Centered Under T
1833, i centered under t, capped bust half dollar