1828 Capped Bust Half Dollars

Design Type 5 1825-1831 and Design Type 6 1826-1830

Mintage: 3,075,200 (It is very possible that this number includes a percentage of 1827 dated halves)

Overton Numbers and Rarities:
O-101 (R1)
O-102 (R2)
O-103 (R2)
O-104 (R3)
O-105 (R5)
O-106 (R4+)
O-107 (R2) O-107a (R7?)
O-108 (R3) 
O-109 (R3)
O-110 (R2)
O-111 (R4)
O-112 (R3)
O-113 (R3)
O-114 (R3)
O-115 (R2)
O-116 (R2)
O-117 (R1) O-117a (R1)
O-118 (R3) O-118a (R4)
O-119 (R3)
O-120 (R1)
O-121 (R3) O-121a (R3)
O-122 (R3)
O-123 (R7) O-123a (R5+)

Redbook Varieties:
1828, Curl Base No Knob 2
1828, Curl Base Knob 2
1828, Square Base 2, Large 8's
1828, Square Base 2, Small 8's, Large  Letters
1828, Square Base 2, Small 8's and Letters

O-101 thru O-105
O-106 O-107
O-108 O-109
O-110 thru O-118, O-120 thru O-123
The mix of Hubs continues in this year, Designs 5 and 6.
O-118 is the UNITEDSTATES sub-variety of the Small 8's Large Letters.
Important Historical Events of 1828

Andrew Jackson elected 7th US President

South Carolina declairs right of states to nullify federal laws.