1834 T-I Alignments

I hope this will help people sort through the 22 marriages (including the Crushed Letter Edge variety). The Large Date Large Letter and Large Date Small Letter varieties are broken out separately and listed with the I-T arranged from left to right

Obverse                                                  Reverse

Large Date Large Letters
Large Date Small Letters
Small Date Small Letters grouped by T-I alignment
I Completely Left of Stand of T
1834 i completely left of stand of t capped bust half dollar
Left Sides T and right Side of I in Line
1834 left side of t in line with right side of i capped bust half dollar
I Centered Under Left Side of T          
1826 i centered under left side of t
Left Sides of T and I in Line
1834 left sides of t and i in line capped bust half dollar
I Centered Under Right Side of T
1826 i centered under right side of t
I Centered Between T and E 
1834 i centered between T and E, capped bust, half dollar