1832 Capped Bust Half Dollars

Design Type 7 1830-1832 and Design Type 8 1832-1834

Mintage: 4,797,000 (Another mintage likely to include coins dated other years)

Overton Numbers and Rarities:
O-101 (R2) O-101a (R1)
O-102 (R1) O-102a (R3)
O-103 (R1)
O-104 (R3) 
O-105 (R3) O-105a (R4)
O-106 (R1)
O-107 (R2)
O-108 (R3) 108a (R3) 
O-109 (R4)
O-110 (R1)
O-111 (R1)
O-112 (R2)
O-113 (R2) O-113a (R3)
O-114 (R4+)
O-115 (R1)
O-116 (R3) 
O-117 (R4+)
O-118 (R1)
O-119 (R4-)
O-120 (R3) O-120a (R3)
O-121 (R3) O-121a (R3)
O-122 (R1)
O-123 (R7+) Proof Only

Redbook Varieties:
1832, Large Letters
O-102 thru O-123
Kneass engraved a new master die and raised a new master HUB for this year.
Design Changes:
Obverse relief substantially elevated.
Cap larger with deeper creases.
Miss liberty profile lowered an now looking straight ahead. The cheek is full and rounded.
The Bust has been shortened and narrowed down. Hair curls and details altered.

O-112 (and O-123) is known as the Dash Date variety.
O-116 and O-117 are the 1 over 1 varieties.

New and improved!

Important Historical Events of 1832

President Andrew Jackson is re-elected.

Henry R Schoolcraft discovers the source of the Mississippi River