1806 O-129 R8 Draped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 13 
Reverse: L (probably used after O-116 since it has the die crack)
Pics Needed! 2 known examples! Discovered Oct 2005.
Variety Attribution: Obverse-Date is 8 mm. and 1 touches curl. Star 1 is 3 mm. from curl and has a tine on the bottom of lower point toward rim. Star 7 and L in LIBERTY nearly touch.

Reverse-5 berries and the lowest one has no stem and is centered under last A in AMERICA. The upper two berries have heavy stems joined at base. A star point is joined to tip of beak. Right base of F missing. Point of leaf under I just left of center. A die crack crosses lower tip of eagle's tail feathers and circles to left joining top of UNITED, then above S and through upper part of TATE in STATES.

1806 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-129: 20 (estimated, but not included overall)

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