1795 O-132 R8 Flowing Hair Half Dollar

Obverse: 19
Reverse: A (Second Marriage)
2 known
Pics Needed!

Only a VG08 has appeared in recent times.

Variety Attribution: Obverse-Two points of star 1 are very close to curl. this position is similar to obverse 2, however, a clear point of difference is ER in LIBERTY. On obverse 2 they are a wide spaced 1 mm. apart at base, on this obverse they are much closer at base.

Reverse- 19 Berries, 10 left and 9 right, four berries are below the right wing, two inside the wreath and two outside, the upper one on outside opposite R has no stem. The lower one on outside opposite C is half burried in branch. The only such berry combination, therefore the only identification needed.

1795 Emission Sequence Number for O-132: 27

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