What's New

01/07/2016: Have updated census rosters to reflect the Pogue and Sheridan offerings. This includes the appearance of an 1833 Crushed Lettered Edge Proof. 

11/19: Am updating the pre-turbs with the emission sequence and also doing some upgrades!

T-I alignment and/or Die Marriage and Die Summary pages are now up for all CBH years!

T-I alignment and/or Die Marriage and Die Summary pages added:

The 1826 T-I page has been revised, and 1807, 1808, 1810, 1811, and 1812 summary pages have been added. 1809 also has a die summary/marriage page with emission sequences.

The 1832 ID page has been revised as well, and now also includes the Large Letter Redbook variety.

I have revised the 1809 and 1825 and 1831 T-I pages like the 1827 page. Links below!

Have revised the 1827 T-I relationship page, adding obverse images and sorting the varieties by the I position from left to right. The page also has the Overdates and the curl 2 varieties listed at the bottom. All dates will eventually have these pages.

The Busthalfaddict is adding a little research blub to each die marriage. Some commentary may be rather uninteresting, but some may be important. As of 7/14 all of the pre-turbs have comments. Currently many of the Turban head die marriages also have a little or a whole lot of commentary. More coming!

Check out the Bust Half Dollar News page for any important happenings in the world of collecting Bust Half Dollars!

I have updated the  Skidaway Island crossover blog, adding NGC to PCGS crossovers.                                                                

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The site has had a makeover with all of the images upgraded or improved!

I did a blog on crossovers that highligts my own results as well as the PCGS crossovers to NGC in from a recent Nut collection that I was able to verify. I will try and keep this blog up to date with other coins I spot that have new tomb!

I am currenlty adding T-I sorting pages to help ID Capped Bust Marriages. Each such page will contain all the reverse pics to assist in narrowing down and matching up D/M candidates. See 1827, 1809, 1831, 1832, 1826, and 1825, More to come!

Whenever a Bust Half changes holders in a re-appearance in the top 5 census I have been making notes, for those keeping track of crossovers, and added CAC stickers, etc. There have been many that i have noticed and I am in the habit of checking apparent newly graded coins for past offerings in a previous tomb.

For those who are interested in finding the rarer CBH's, check out the: