Flowing Hair Half Dollars

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Type 1794-1795
Flowing Hair Head Obverse
Eagle with Wreath and Olive Branches Reverse
Designer: Robert Scott
Weight: 13.48 grams (0.4755 oz.)
Composition: 0.8924 Silver 0.1076 Copper (0.4243 oz. pure silver)
Diameter: 32.5 mm (1.23 inch)
1794: 23,464
1795: 299,680

Overton #'s and Rarities:
1794 O-101 (R3+) O-102 (R6+) O-103 (R5+) O-104 (R5) O-105 (R5) O-106 (R6-)  O-107 (R6) O-108 (R7) O-109 (R8) O-110 (R7+) O-111 (R8)

1795 O-101 (R7) O-102 (R4) O-103 (R5) O-104 (R4) O105 (R3+) O-106 (R6) O-107 (R5) O-108 (R4) O-109 (R4) O-110 (R3) O-111 (R4+) O-112 (R4) O-113 (R3) O-114 (R6) O-115 (R5) O-116 (R4) O-117 (R4) O-119 (R4) O-120 (R7-) O-121 (R4+) O-122 (R5) O-123 (R7) O-124 (R5) O-125 (R4) O-126 (R4+) O-127 (R6+) O-128 (R5+) O-129 (R5) O-130 (R5-) O-131 (R4+) O-132 (R8)

O-133 (R8)

1795 O-113 is the A over E variety where STATES was cut over STETES
1795 O-118 probably does not exist
1795 O-121 is the Y punched over Star variety
1795 O-126, O-127, and O-128 are small head varieties
1795 O-129 is the S cut over D (STATED was cut then the S cut over the D)

Redbook Designations:

Recut Date
3 leaves 
O-101 thru O-110
O-101 thru O-110, O-113 Thru O-133
O-111 and O-112
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