1807 Capped Bust Half Dollars

Design Type 1 (1807 and 1808)

Mintage: 750,500 (estimated, but in actuality it is likely less than half that. If you were to base the mintage on the 11 Die Marriages it took to produce the slightly  more than 300,000 Draped Busts that year and the 4 that were used for the Capped Busts, then maybe there were only around 125,000 minted!)

Overton #'s and Rarity Ratings
O-111 (R7?) O-111a (R5) O-111b (R5) (Overall R4+)
O-112 (R1)
O-113 (R2) O-113a (R3)
O-114 (R3) O-114a (R5+?)

Redbook Varieties:

1807, Small Stars
1807, Large Stars
1807, Large Stars 50 over 20 (5 over inverted 5)
1807, "Bearded" Liberty

O-111, O-112, O-114
O-111, O-112

Important Historical Events of 1807

Congress bans slave trade (effective Jan 1 1808)

First voyage of Robert Fulton's Steamship the Clermont up the hudson

Brititsh board USS Chesapeake, a provocation leading to War of 1812

Embargo Act passed by Congress prohibiting American ships from trading in all foreign ports, as a result of involvment of hostilities between
France and Britain