1813 Capped Bust Half Dollars

Design Type 3: 1812-1817

Mintage: 1,241,903

Overton Numbers and Rarity Ratings:
O-101 (R2) O-101a (R4)
O-102 (R4)
O-103 (R1)
O-104 (R4)
O-105 (R1) O-105a (R4?)
O-106 (R2) O-106a (R2)
O-107 (R4) O-107a (R1)
O-108 (R3) O-108a (R2)
O-109 (R3) O-109a (R5?) Single Leaf (Controversial)

Redbook Varieties:

1813, 50 C. over UNI
O-102 thru O-110
O-101, O-101A
Important Historical events for 1813

First raw cotton to cloth mill founded in Waltham, MA.

War of 1812 continues...many battles fought arcross North America.

Captain John Lawrence utters the famous Navy motto "Don't give up the ship!"