1819 Capped Bust Half Dollars

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Design Type 4 1817-1825

Mintage: 2,208,000

Overton Numbers and Rarities:
O-101 (R1)
O-102 (R2)
O-103 (R5) O-103a (R4)
O-104 (R1) O-104a (R6?)
O-105 (R2)
O-106 (R4)
O-107 (R4) O-107a (R4?)
O-108 (R3)
O-109 (R2) O-109a (R2)
O-110 (R3) O-110a (R3)
O-111 (R2)
O-112 (R3) O-112a (R3)
O-113 (R1)
O-114 (R3)
O-115 (R3)

Redbook Varieties:
1819, Small 9 Over 8
1819, Large 9 Over 8
O-102 thru O-106
O-107 thru O-115
The O-105 supposed overdate is actually just an 1819 with a cracked 9. The "1s" used in 1819 are different than the "1s" used in 1818, so overdates can be easily picked out in general by the 1 type. The O-105 uses the 1s from 1819 and really is not an overdate but rather a cracked 9 variety.

Important Historical Events of 1819

First steam propelled vessel crosses the Atlantic (The Savannah)

Alabama becomes 22nd state.