1808 O-101 (8 over 7) R1 Capped Bust Half Dollar

Obverse: 1
Reverse: A

The first overdate of the Turban Head series. Seemingly as common as the 1807 O-112. Readly available in all grades, yet just barely enough to satisfy demand as everyone wants one. There are a few fantastic high grade examples out there as well as many AU examples. Be patient and a problem free example can be obtained.

PCGS Graded XF45. Fantastic original coin with a thick coating of dove gray. A couple of pin scratches and minor edge bumps can be noted. Decent remaining luster under the heavy toning. Thought it might be able to grade as a 50. From Bowers:

Quite easily attributed as the Overton-101, thanks to the boldly apparent undertype 7 in the date, this is an entirely pleasing, if lightly circulated, representative of both the variety and issue. The surfaces offer a generally even dove-gray sheen that does indeed lighten over the highpoints to an ashen-gray hue. The strike was obviously crisp, for the designs have admirably born their rub and light wear, although a touch of as-struck die erosion has softened the impression a bit at the peripheries. We find little to report in terms of mentionable abrasions and ticks in this numeric designation, although one will locate a number of as-made die cracks on both sides.
1808, 8 over 7, 8/7, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1808, 8 over 7, 8/7, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1808, 8 over 7, 8/7, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
1808, 8 over 7, 8/7, Capped Bust, Half Dollar
Variety Attribution: Obverse-1808 over 7. Stars are large, well formed and close to milling. Date is 8 1/2 mm. Serif of 7 shows clearly above last 8 and crossbar of same inside loop of 8. A small centering dot on neck. Top of B is unfinished. Usually visible are numerous fine die cracks. A primary one from base of date to left, joins stars 1 through 6 and to forecurl. Other cracks develop from star 3 to bust, from edge to curl just right of date. Another from edge through 1 and into drapery. Another joins all stars on right.

Reverse-50 C. is 3 mm. and rather low. Arrow to A is 1 mm. A tiny center dot /2 mm. left from end of second crossbar and just above wing. Again several die cracks. One from top of UN down to leaf. A second at top of ATES. A third light crack develops from above F and along top of AMERICA to C in 50 C. The break in feathers just below right wing, leaves an opening to shield.

Other notes:
According to Edgar Souders, he estimates that the projected mintage figure for this overdate is approximately 136,860. Get his book Bust Half Fever and read all about Overdates and how he came up with the number!
The 1808/7 (O-101) overdate is the only overdate of the Design Type 1.

1808 Leaman-Gunnet Emission Sequence Number for O-101: 1
This was the 5th variety of Capped Bust Half Dollar minted overall

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