1795 O-116 R4 Flowing Hair Half Dollar

Obverse: 8 (Second Marriage)
Reverse: M

This seems to be one of the more common marriages judging by the frequency of appearances. Around a half dozen MS examples have appeared along with a decent pop of AU's.

NGC Graded F15 Completely Original coin with an old thick crust. Gray and purplish black toning coat the coin, giving it the look of a coin that has been in an old barn for a very long time.  As described by Heritage:

Even on this Choice Fine specimen, the incused UNITED under star 8 and LIBE can be faintly discerned. On the reverse, die clashing has left extra milling incused above UNITED. The deeply colored pinkish-gray surfaces show wear consistent with the grade level, but there are no mentionable distractions otherwise.
1795, O-116, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
1795, O-116, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
1795, O-116, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
1795, O-116, Flowing Hair, Half Dollar
1795 Emission Sequence Number for O-116: 11

Variety Attribution: Obverse-Star 1 extends entirely through a tight lower curl. Star 2 touches second curl above end. Star 15 1/4 mm. from end of bust. Date is 8 3/4 mm., well centered and evenly spaced. On all observed specimens a rough lumpy die break below star 1, runs up between milling and stars on left. Some show a faint crack at top of LIBERTY. Star 6 shows signs of recutting. UNITED is clash marked under star 8 and LIBE of LIBERTY and an additional die crack is from milling to star 7.

Reverse- 16 Berries 7 left and 9 right. 4 berries below right wing, 3 inside 1 out, leaf below RI and points to lower right tip of R. Left base of T and left base of R are embedded in wings, center dot on right wing near body. Milling incused outside UNITED.

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