1794 O-111 R8 Flowing Hair Half Dollar

Obverse: 3 (Third Marriage)
Reverse: G
This die marriage is unique. Pics needed (Discovered March, 1993). The example sold at auction in 1993 was graded a mere AG3! This was the second Half Dollar produced by the US Mint.
Variety Attribution : Obverse-Star 2 is attached to the left side of first curl, the only 1794 so found and star 1 is well below this curl. Star 8 is close to L about 1/2 mm., and star 9 distant from Y, about  2 1/2 mm. Star 15 points just above line of bust and is close. Date is a close 7 mm.

Reverse -Berry count is unknown (only one AG03 example is known and berry details non-extant). One berry on left under first S and second berry between S and T of STATES. One berry on right under right base of R in AMERICA. Tip of outer leaf points to left side of right base of A in AMERICA.
1794 Emission Sequence Number for O-111: 2

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